About Steff

Hi to all who read my first blog. Im Ma. Stephanie M.S for short

I just want to share my life to you through blogging.

I want to share my story. My secrets, my passion and all the things I love. You can call me MS. Im MS happy, thoughtful, sometimes lazy, funny, hyper, joker and sometimes bully.

Im active since elementary. I was honored 1st honorable mention when I graduated in elementary. Not only that I had so many medals back then. When I was in highschool I experience to be a cheerdancer that change my life. I started to love dancing


I was also cheerleader and a sporty girl. Volleyball player badminton and table tennis but in college I learn swimming but I wasn’t able to join the varsity team though I was good at it. I gain many awards in the field of sports. Rookie of the year <volleyball>  2nd place table tennis singles. Because of my passion in dancing I joined in our university’s contest PWU got talent in 2O11


Wooola I won as 1st place <2nd to champion> but I joined again in 2O12

At last I won as champion :”>>


I also studied college in the school PWU

Were I take up Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts

Theres a lot of things happened in my college years. Some are best days. Some are  darkest days. I will share some in my next blog thanks for reading my blog…

Well here’s my graduation pic